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Lucille Vinyard Papers


Lucille Vinyard
Environmental activism


Lucille Vinyard was an environmental activist who championed the preservation of the environment in Northwestern California. The Lucille Vinyard Papers include many items relating to her life and activism work. Her collection contains newspapers, diaries, letters, photographs, legal documents, historical publications and other sources. Of high interest to researchers are her daily journals that document her life, travels, and environmental work.

Collection Items

University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 1991.10.28-30

Sierra Club 1965.12.17-19

California Redwood Association. N/A.

Lucille Vinyard Wednesday, August 20, 1969
Thursday, August 21, 1969

Lucille Vinyard February 1, 1972
February 2, 1972

Lucille Vinyard Monday, April 17, 1972
Tuesday, April 18, 1972

Lucille Vinyard Friday, April 20, 1973
Saturday, April 21, 1073

Devald, Bill 1976.02.15

Humboldt State Library Scholar Interns 4/27/2016

Humboldt State University Library Scholar Interns 5/16/1996

Vinyard, Lucille 1970.04.22-1970.04.23

Daskarolis, Dean 1973.03.29

Ruth C. Douglas

N/A 1968.07.17

N/A 1961.08.00


Lucille Vinyard 1966.XX.XX

Lucille Vinyard 1969.07.19-1969.07.20

Lucille Vinyard 1966.XX.XX

Lucille Vinyard 07/12/1966

Citizens for a Redwood National Park 12/02/1965

Citizens for a Redwood National Park

Santiago Lahoz, Jr. 05/18/1966

Citizens for a Redwood National Park n.d.

Don Carlton 1968
img005 (2).jpg

Dave Van De Mark 02/12/1968
LV_Journal entry_July 3_1973013.png

Lucille Vinyard 07/03/1973, 07/04/1973
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