The Vinyard Files

EcoNews Articles on Lucille Vinyard and Susie Van Kirk

Lucille liked keeping track of her friends and colleagues work through files similar to those in the Humboldt County Pamphlet Collection, These files contained newspaper clipping and copies of their works.

Some of the people who made the Vinyard Files are:
Susie Van Kirk
Tom Pratte, Co-Founder of the Surfrider Foundation
Don Clausen, former US Representative
Senator Barbara Boxer
Peggy and Ed Wayburn

What the intentions of these files were is unclear, but analyzing the collections, it seems she had to be very interested in someone and their accomplishments to make it into her files. 

At many points in her life, she worked in tandem with others who were attempting to accomplish the same or a similar goal, even though she never worked with them directly.