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Humboldt County Pamphlet Collection


Humboldt County (Calif.)


The Pamphlet Collection supplements the cataloged holdings of the Humboldt Room. It consists of brochures, flyers, newspaper clippings, email printouts, booklets, reports, serials, and other ephemera relating to Humboldt County and its immediate surroundings. The collection documents local issues, events, agencies, businesses, governmental bodies, organizations, communities, specific places, prominent individuals and aspects of the lives of area residents. It is organized by subject, including geographic regions, and organizations. There is also a legacy card file index in the Humboldt Room. (Source)


1800s -2018

Collection Items

Citizens for a Redwood National Park 09/19/1965

Citizens for a Redwood National Park 04/01/1967

Eureka Chamber of Commerce 11/04/1946

Cohelan, Jeffery 10/21/1965

Chaney, Ralph W. 11/24/1967

Citizens for a Redwoods National Park 12/12/1966
Save-the-Redwoods League Spring 1978 Bulletin revised.pdf

Save-the-Redwoods League 1978

Trobitz, H.K. 02/19/1967

Citizens for a Redwood National Park 08/1967

Becking, Rudolf W. 04/18/1968

Kirby, Robert Vernon and Bloom, Charles 04/18/1968
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