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A Journey Through Journals

This exhibit explores Lucille Vinyard's life and activism through her journals and field notes. 

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Ancient Redwoods: An Avenue for Activism

This exhibit focuses on the argument that the redwoods of Northern California needed to be protected in the form of state and national parks because they were the oldest and largest trees in the world. 

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Battle for the Redwoods

The battle was often brutal and did not always consist of only two sides. 


Books: Rare and Local

The Humboldt Room has plenty to offer in terms of rare books concerning the redwoods.  Let us explore some of the offerings in the Rare Books Collection that feature redwoods and sequioas dating back to 1884. Many of the books on display were published in Humboldt County, Ca. 

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Citizens for a Redwood National Park Letter Writing and Advocacy

 This exhibit focuses on the letter writing campaigns and other letter artifacts associated with Lucille and CNRP.


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Design in Research

The Design in Research exhibition is dedicated to inspiring the researcher and natural facts sleuth in all of us. 


Historic Logging

Humboldt County has a rich and complex history of logging and land management.

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Lynwood Carranco

Lynwood ("Links") Carranco was an author, Humboldt Historian and teacher among other things. This exhibit from his collection ranging from 1850 to 1970 has many examples of the history of logging and the lumber industry.

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Merle Shuster

As a freelance photographer in Humboldt County in the mid-twentieth century, Merle Shuster captured much of the region’s growth and development during the post-war period.


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Park Creation

This exhibit encompasses the time leading to and following the addition of Redwood National Park. This includes the efforts that many individuals underwent from both the supporting and opposing sides. It also looks at the dedication of Redwood National Park and the events that followed.

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Partnerships in Activism

This exhibit displays a glance into Lucille Vinyard's partnerships and friendships through her journals, files and letters.

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Redwood as Object

This exhibit, Redwood as Object explores Redwood itself as a material object and displays how redwood is purposed after the logging process including burl and other types of redwood art. Also included, is a section on redwood-built architecture and local Indigenous use of redwood. 

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Rudolf W. Becking

Rudolf Willem Becking was a professor of Forestry and Natural Resources at Humboldt State University from 1960-1983. He did extensive research in Northwestern California, including writing a guide to coastal Redwood forest plants and discovering some of the tallest trees in the world at that time.  

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Susie Van Kirk

Through her activism, historicism, and professionalism, Susie Van Kirk met adversity among the Redwoods head on and played an integral role in solidifying the permanence of these natural resources.

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Through the Lens and Words of Lucille Vinyard

This exhibit makes the connection of activism and the redwoods through the lens of one woman's story. Lucille Vinyard took film photographs of various locations and sites in Humboldt County and she also meticulously wrote in her journal. The dates that are featured in this exhibit share the photographs she captured alongside the word's she wrote on that specific day. 

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From the Avenue of the Giants to the various Redwood Parks, this exhibit is designed to show the various arrays of how the public has been drawn to the Humboldt Redwoods through the last few centuries.

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Woman of Activism: Varying Views on Vinyard

Lucille Vinyard took the preservation of the environment personally. She worked to create the Redwood National Park as well as on a variety of other issues that helped sustain natural areas of nothern California.

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