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Ancient Redwoods: An Avenue for Activism

This exhibit focuses on the argument that the redwoods of Northern California needed to be protected in the form of state and national parks because they were the oldest and largest trees in the world. 

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Citizens for a Redwood National Park Letter Writing and Advocacy

 This exhibit focuses on the letter writing campaigns and other letter artifacts associated with Lucille and CNRP.


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Partnerships in Activism

This exhibit displays a glance into Lucille Vinyard's partnerships and friendships through her journals, files and letters.

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Susie Van Kirk

Through her activism, historicism, and professionalism, Susie Van Kirk met adversity among the Redwoods head on and played an integral role in solidifying the permanence of these natural resources.

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Through the Lens and Words of Lucille Vinyard

This exhibit makes the connection of activism and the redwoods through the lens of one woman's story. Lucille Vinyard took film photographs of various locations and sites in Humboldt County and she also meticulously wrote in her journal. The dates that are featured in this exhibit share the photographs she captured alongside the word's she wrote on that specific day. 

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Woman of Activism: Varying Views on Vinyard

Lucille Vinyard took the preservation of the environment personally. She worked to create the Redwood National Park as well as on a variety of other issues that helped sustain natural areas of nothern California.

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