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Lynwood Carranco


Redwoods through the decades.


A selection of photographs capturing the redwoods through the decades starting from the 1850s - present.

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A.W. Ericson 1870.XX.XX

A.W. Ericson 1870.XX.XX

A.W. Ericson 1870.XX.XX-1880.XX.XX

Boyle 1873.XX.XX

A.W. Ericson 1880.XX.XX

Fred Elliott 1890.XX.XX

Freeman Art co Foto. 1920.XX.XX

National Maritime Museum, San Francisco 1916.XX.XX

J.Maseman 1906.XX.XX

George Knab 1927.XX.XX

Merle Shuster 1947.01.04

Merle Shuster 1969.08.XX

Merle Shuster 1969.08.XX

Lynwood Carranco and John T. Labbe 1975.01.01

A.W. Ericson 1880
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