Historical Events As Experienced By Lucille

Journal entry April 22-23, 197O

This particular journal entry from the first Earth Day shows Lucille Vinyard's excitement of the recognition of Earth Day in the United States. With this exciting news Lucille Vinyard was contacted by many friends and colleagues to ensure she had been notified about this momentous historical day considering her activism tied to the Redwood National Park.

1969 Journal

In these pages of Lucille Vinyard personal journal she writes about the hearing to the Flathead Lakes meeting on July 19, 1969 as well as working on a new painting back at the museum for Dan MacCarter. The next day Lucille writes about one of the most momentous events in United States history: the moon landing, which she writes about having seen on T.V. in the library between 1:30 and 2:30 among friends.